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# Catalogs of Weighbridges & Truck Scales.


>>> Catalogs of Chinese & Japanese Weighbridges and Other Scales.

Chinese Weighbridge Catalog.pdf

Semi Portable Chinese Weighbridge Catalog.pdf

Japanese Weighbridge Scale Catalog.pdf

Semi Portable Japanese Weighbridge Catalog.pdf

D10- (Japan & German Compatible) Truck Scale Indicator & Controller.pdf

Yaohua Junction Box.pdf

Yaohua Scoreboard.pdf

Computer (Core i 5), Printer & Software.pdf






>>> Catalogs of American Weighbridge & Other Scales (Cardinal)

Cardinal Weighbridge Scale Catalog, Made in USA.pdf

Cardinal Indicator 205 Specification.pdf

Cardinal Indicator- 225 Specification.pdf

Cardinal- Stainless Steel Compression Load Cell .pdf

Cardinal Junction Box Photos..pdf

Cardinal Large Display Photos..pdf

Computer (Core i 5), Printer & Cardinal Software.pdf


Cardinal Floor Scale - 205.pdf

Cardinal Floor Scale - 225.pdf

Cardinal Platform Scales, USA.pdf

Cardinal Electronic Digital Animal Weighing Scales.pdf

Cardinal & Zemic Hybrid Animal Scale USA.pdf


>>> Catalogs of German Weighbridge & Other Scales (Flintec)

German Weighbridge Scale Flintec Catalog.pdf

Flintec Controller- FT- 112- Truck Scale Terminal Datasheet.pdf

Flintec Compression Load Cell- RC-3- 30, 40 & 50 MT.pdf

Flintec Junction Box- Data Sheet.pdf

Flintec Large Display Photos..pdf

Computer (Core i 5), Printer & Software.pdf

Flintec Platform Scales.pdf

Flintec Floor Scales, Germany.pdf

Flintec Animal Scales, Germany.pdf


>>> Catalogs of Russian Weighbridges. (Tenso M)

Tenso-M Russian Farmer Truck Scales.pdf

Tenso M- Truck Scale Weighing-Indicator- TV-003, 005.pdf

Tenso M- mb150 Compression Load Cell.pdf

Russian Junction Box and Large Display.pdf

Computer (Core i 5), Printer & Software.pdf


# Other Weighing Scales, Balances & Other Equipments

Taiwan Platform Scales 2020.pdf

T Scale Floor Scales.pdf

T Scale -QHW Balance - Datasheet..pdf

AND (FGH) Precision Balance.pdf

ACS M Series Desktop Balance.pdf


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